Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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The school is affiliated to CBSE and the medium of instruction is English. There is ample of scope for innovation in all the activities. Major curriculum concern is to provide education for a cohesive society so that equality of opportunity and access to quality education to various groups is ensured.

Languages :

First Language – English

Second Language – Kannada

Third Language – Hindi / Sanskrit

Core Subjects :


Social Science

Science and Technology

Work Experience:

Computer Education

Drawing and Painting

Hobby Clubs

Physical and Health Education

Track and Field events


Fine Arts :


Art and Crafts

Value Education : Imbibing values through life skills and integrating with all the subjects to keep our children rooted to our culture and also for collaborative and co-operative endeavour of living together in a spirit of peaceful co-existence is the essence of teaching.

L – Learning
I – Identity and self awareness
F – Fitness and Health
E – Emotional Development
S – Solving Problems
K – Kindness
I – Intimacy
L – Living in balance
L – Letting go & holding
S – Social Skills

The text books are selected by the experienced resourceful department and members primarily taking into consideration the qualitative and quantitative content of the books, standard of language, presentation all that blends with the innovative CCE scheme framed by CBSE, Delhi.

The curriculum, in parallel, focuses on the principle recommended by the National Curriculum Framework NCF(2005) – “The curriculum must enable the children to find their voices, nurture their curiosity to do things, to ask question and to pursue investigations, sharing and integrating their experiences with school knowledge rather than their ability to reproduce external knowledge.”