Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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The school follows the concept of CCE. Learning is achieved by the ‘STUDENT CENTRIC’ method, project based evaluation and by providing quality education to every student, they are urged to limit dependence on tuitions. Their academic progress is constantly monitored by a team of experienced and dedicated staff and a regular feedback is given to the parents.

Promotions are based on performance in the CCE and attendance. We support those who need occasional assistance in ways appropriate to their needs. A platform is provided to them to develop their skills and gain mastery over them.

In addition to a rigorous academic training, they have adequate time to flex their muscles by playing football, handball, throw ball, hurdles etc, to name a few. To aid them to de-stress- yoga classes are conducted, access to internet is given, Audio-visual aids are used and to better their communication skills Linguaphones are made available and a well equipped library is an asset to our school.

Mentoring is done on a regular basis which goes a long way to better one’s performance.

The Aim is – The child/student should cherish the school days and take away as much knowledge as he can possibly assimilate. We pray that our budding beacons proliferate the LIGHT THROUGHOUT the world and flourish thereupon.