Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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JSS is all geared up to counter emergencies and provide medical help.

The infirmary is located in the school premises.

Dental camps are conducted on a regular basis and expert advice is provided to the students by doctors who are from the JSS Dental Hospital.

Audio- metric tests are conducted by the doctors of the speech and Hearing department and if necessary, expert tips are given to the students. This has found to be a very significant tool to most students.

Health check in general is conducted year after year.

SURVARNA PRASHANA campaign is gaining momentum in the school. This is a unique and proven ayurvedic method, administered to children on the day of Pushya Nakshathra for their integrated development. The department of pediatrics- JSS Ayurveda Hospital- renders its services. Benefits of this care is to enhance immunity, improves concentration, intellect and memory and helps in the overall development of a child.