Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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Sports are wholesome, educational diversions that effectively train a person’s mind and body. It instils in the students the values of hard work and commitment toward a goal. Competition being a part of athletics, teaches the values of fair play and dealing with failure/adversity rightly. Team sports reinforce the values of team work and humility. Courage is acquired to sustain injuries. It relaxes one’s mind through energetic physical activities.

The principal declares the meet open by hoisting the flag followed by rhythmic march past by the four contingents. Inter-house competitions-individual and team events- are conducted by the PE Instructor in their regular PE periods. The final events of various games are planned for this day. Students from the intermediate and senior category seem to have set a trend as it is made mandatory to break earlier created records. Such is the soaring determination to reach the goal.

Bananas are given twice, morning and afternoon, to all the participants and all those assembled, to replenish their energy. The PE Instructor, along with commendable support and co-operation from the other staff members, smoothly conducts this sensational event.