Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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Physical fitness is one of the most important elements of leading a healthy lifestyle. Physical education promotes the importance of inclusion of regular fitness activity in the routine. This helps the student to maintain their fitness, develop muscular strength, increase their stamina and thus stretch their physical abilities to an optimum level. It also enhances one’s immunity power.

Physical education is needed for proper growth and development of an individual as ‘a sound mind dwells in sound body’. It also teaches us the value of ethical behaviour and what is elementary education in sporting situations. It is important for aesthetic reason as by participation in fitness activities-beauty and grace is cultivated.


Benefits of yoga are extensive. Yoga induces relaxation and improves strength. Health benefits derived through yoga surpasses those of any other activity. It acts on the mind and spirit as well. It is a stress buster and brings in a sense of wellbeing to our life.