Siddarthanagar, Mysore

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The very standard of an education institution is judged from the discipline and code of morality its students observe and practice. Discipline is the core and keynote of our school. Pioneering all the activities of our school, we have the investiture ceremony appointing the prefects of the school. The members of the prefectorial council follow decorum, discipline and norms of the school to lead their fellow students and juniors in the right direction under the guidance of our staff.

We have 4 houses – Ajantha, Chamundi, Himalaya and Vindhya. The office bearers are trained in the art of leadership and responsibility. They take their initiative to organize and conduct various programs and competitions of the school. These imbibe in them noble virtues like tolerance and accommodation, team spirit, co-operation, goodwill and friendly gestures.

Thus our school serves as the right training ground for the students.