Alumni Corner

Alumni Corner

Our Alumni Corner is studded with stars of whom we are very proud of.

An IAS officer and a super humble student of our school is K M Priyanka. She rose to great heights by sheer perseverance, dedication and devotion. She will shortly undergo training for IPS in Hyderabad shortly. Her remarkable achievements have left foot prints on the sands of times. She has inspired several students to emulate her.

Dr. Varsha S  Puranik is an International Skater. She has a challenging career as a doctor, an international skater and a charismatic personality. A very rare combination of wonderful traits. Varsha says, “Time management” is the key to success.

Roshini Kore was a child artist in kannada movie and TV serials from the age of 6. She has shared screen with legendry artists like Vishnu Vardhan, Ambarish, Sudeep etc. She is a part of the block buster kannada movie ‘Rangitarangi’ in a supporting role. She is now an associate-director in a film production house and aspires to be a director.

A Super model and a budding hero Suraj Gowda is passionate about acting. His ambition is to represent himself on a global scale. He believes that complacence should never exist in any one’s dictionary. He has starred in Ninna Sanihake, D/o Parvathamma and Silicon City.

Rajath at Lords: He is one cricket champ we are proud of. He is passionate about cricket and truly inspired by seeing MSD bat on TV. He got an opportunity to play at Lords, while playing against England. It was a tough game but the team won the series 5-3. He picked up 18 wickets in the U-17 games.

Meet the beauty with brain Radhika Chetan is a graceful dancer, always smiling, supremely beautiful and good at academics. “Discipline” is fundamental aspect of life. Successful people have to be very sticky about their choice of life” says Radhika. She believes in simplicity and always strives to be true to be herself in all ventures. She starred in movies like ‘Rangitaranga’, ‘Mundina Nildana’ , ‘U Turn’ many more.

Genius with number Nagamayur T S is a quiet, composed, intelligent and a non-challent  star. A genius at Maths, was a credit analyst with Bank of America, Merril Lynch and still dabbles with numbers with  great enthusiasm. He advices students to cultivate the habit of reading.

An International Roller Skater, Ice Skater and a rare feat of performing Bharath Natyam on Roller Skates is RITU DINESH. She started her career at a very early age of 5 and she has taken part in District, State and National Level Competitions. She has won 18 Bronze, over 100 Silver and over 200 Gold Medals. In 2011, she won the State Award but 2009 was a special year as she was the only one to perform Bharath Natyam on skates. Such is her versatility.

In the year 2020, she took part in South East Asian Ice Skating Trophy in Singapore and won 3 silver medals and 2 Bronze medals. Let this be the stepping stone for her and sky be the limit for her achievements.

The Saga of courage, valour, effort and scarifies is the tale of AKASH ARADHYA. A Roller Skater of International repute and a National Champion in Short Speed Skating, Akash went on to be the only Indian to be a part of the Pre-Olympic Qualifier held in Europe. Initially a Roller Skater for over 12 years, a trip to an amusement park and a rendezvou  with Ice Skating, changed his love completely. The much needed switch came in 2006 and he took Ice Skating as his new found passion. He trained in Canada and went on to be the only Indian to participate in the Pre-Olympic Qualifier. The switch made a world of a difference wherein endurance, technique, strategy and hard work played a crucial role.

His most cherished moment came in 2017, when he was the flag bearer for the Asian Winter Games Event held in Japan. A day to be proud of and cherished. In 2021-22, he participated in the World Cup in Japan, China and Hungary and finished 33rd in the race. This again being a rare achievement for an Indian. Way to go Akash, skate your way to glory.