Special Events

Special Events

With a view to create opportunities, tap talents and develop in students a sense of responsibility and confidence, co-curricular activities are conducted in the school on a regular basis.

Community Lunch

The Community Lunch held on 4th January 2024, served as a delightful occasion for the entire school community to come together in gratitude for the successful culmination of the Annual Day. This event has become a cherished tradition in our school, eagerly anticipated by children and staff alike.

The community lunch served as a platform to express gratitude for the hard work and dedication that went into making the Annual Day a success.

The menu featured a delectable array of dishes that reflected the cultural diversity of our community. Bisibelebath, Kesaribath, and Curd rice took centre stage, offering a delightful gastronomic experience for all attendees. The choice of these dishes not only added a traditional touch to the event but also showcased the rich culinary heritage of our community.

Adoption of animals

Adoption of animals from zoo has become a tradition in our school. Our students have adopted several animals like Indian Cobra, Emu, Leopard Cat, Green Anaconda and Star Tortoise for a period of one year. The aim is to strengthen the cause of the environmental protection and bring awareness among students, the need to show concern towards the fauna in the most humane way.


The school trip to Kerala was an exciting and educational experience that allowed us to explore the natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse landscapes of this South Indian state. Over the course of four days, our IX and X std. students and teachers embarked on a journey that took us to various captivating destinations, including Edkal Caves, Guruvayur Temple, Chawakad Beach, Munnar, Kochi, Cherai Beach and Edapalli Church.

Our journey began with a visit to the Edkal Caves, a fascinating natural wonder located in Wayanad. The caves are renowned for their prehistoric rock  engravings and the intricate, winding passages. We explored these ancient caves, marvelling at the carvings that date back thousands of years. The visit to Edkal  Caves provided us with a glimpse into the rich history and geological formations of Kerala.

Next we embarked on a spiritual journey to the sacred Guruvayur Temple. It is one of the most revered temples in Kerala, dedicated to Lord Krishna. We observed the rituals, temple architecture, and the devotion of the pilgrims, gaining a deeper understanding of the state’s religious diversity.

We visited an Elephant Park, where we got up close and personal with these gentle giants. We learned about the elephants’ behaviour, care, and the importance of their conservation in Kerala.

Our journey then led us to the serene Chawakad Beach, a coastal paradise where we basked in the sun, played with waves, and enjoyed the calming sound of the waves.

Munnar, with its lush tea plantations and breathtaking vistas, was the highlight of our trip. The rolling hills, beautiful tea gardens, misty landscapes and majestic waterfalls were worth watching.

The Adi Shankaracharya Temple, also known as the Adi Shankaracharya Samadhi Mandir, is a significant Hindu temple located in Kalady. The serene ambiance and architectural beauty make it a peaceful place of worship and reflection.

Cherai Beach, known for its pristine shores and tranquillity, was our next destination. The beauty of the beach and the azure waters provided a rejuvenating break. Edapalli Church is a place of deep spiritual significance. We learned about the history, architecture, and the cultural relevance of the church.

The Kerala school trip was a transformative and educational experience that allowed us to delve into the rich culture and natural beauty of this incredible state. From ancient caves to sacred temples, serene beaches, and lush landscapes, each destination offered a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for Kerala’s diverse heritage. This journey fostered cultural awareness and a sense of wonder for the natural world, leaving us with cherished memories and a broader understanding of this beautiful region.

Inter-School Suttur Sports Meet

JSS Public School, Siddharthanagar won a few prizes at the Suttur Sports Meet which concluded recently. In the Intermediate category, Vishal Kiran Gowda of 7th standard won the First Place in Long Jump and Adarsh S of 7th standard won the Second Place in 400m race. The Relay Team comprising of Kaustubha K, Vikas S Vishal Kiran Gowda and Aadarsh S won the Third Place.

In the Senior category Yedunandan G of 10th standard won the Second Place in Shot Put. M G Kavya of 10th standard won the Third Place in High Jump.

The school is proud of these winners and congratulate them on their achievement. Hope they face better in the years to come.

Field trips

Field trips are invaluable experiences for students, offering a dynamic and hands-on approach to learning that extends beyond the classroom walls. These excursions provide students with the opportunity to engage with real-world environments, cultural institutions, and diverse settings that enrich their educational journey. Ultimately, field trips contribute to a well-rounded education by fostering experiential learning and fostering a sense of discovery that stays with students long after the trip concludes. So to break away from the monotony of being in the school, field trips are organised on a regular basis for the students.

Students of classes I and L KG went on a nature ramble to Regional Museum of Natural History. It was an educational experience where students were exposed to a diverse range of exhibits showcasing the region’s flora, fauna, and geological formations.

The visit to the Aquarium House left students of II std. mesmerized by the captivating underwater world. They had the opportunity to witness various marine species up close, gaining insight into aquatic life, ecosystems, and the importance of marine conservation.

The field trip to Shukavana was an avian adventure where students of classes III Std. and L KG observed a diverse collection of bird species. They gained an appreciation for biodiversity and conservation efforts while witnessing birds in their natural habitats.

The Postal Museum field trip provided IV students with a fascinating historical perspective on communication and postal services. They learned about the evolution of mail delivery methods, postal artifacts, and how communication has transformed over time.

At the Railway Museum, V std. students got a glimpse into the evolution of transportation and engineering. They explored vintage locomotives and carriages, grasping the significance of railways in shaping industrialization and connectivity.

The Oriental Research Museum offered students of VI std. a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Through artefacts, art and historical relics, students delved into the traditions, customs and historical developments of the area.

Our VII std. students visited the Folklore Museum and it was a journey into the roots of local culture and traditions. Students gained insight into folk stories, traditional crafts, and the cultural practices that have shaped the community over generations.

The visit to the Central Silk Research Institute provided students of VIII std. with a comprehensive understanding of the silk industry. They learnt about the lifecycle of silkworms, silk production processes, and the economic importance of this ancient craft.

The trip to the Defence Food Research Lab by IX std. students highlighted the critical role of food technology in military sustenance. Students got an insight about the innovative methods used to develop long-lasting and nutritious food for soldiers in various conditions.

The field trip to Oxygen Acres brought X std. students closer to nature and its therapeutic benefits. They experienced farming and animal husbandry in the serene green surroundings and learned about the importance of green spaces in promoting physical and mental well-being.

These field trips collectively offered students a multifaceted educational experience, fostering their curiosity, knowledge, and awareness across a spectrum of subjects.

Inter-School Competitions

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement by two of our brilliant students. Avani Shashi Kumar of X B and Sai Samarth of X C participated in SUVIGNANA- Quest for Science Knowledge – a District Level Inter High School Science Quiz Competition, which was conducted by the Sadvidya Educational Institutions on 19th of August 2023 and secured the second place out of 38 schools, showcasing their exceptional knowledge and intellect. They were awarded with a trophy, a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize of Rs. 3000.

Winners of Suttur

Our school won several prizes at the cultural events at the Suttur Jatra Mahotsava in various categories and made us proud by their achievements Harshitha Mallesh and her group won the 1st place in the Group Song Competition. Shreya K and her group won the 2nd place in the Senior Group Classical Dance Competition. Sumedha M Ullagaddi and her group won the 4th place in the Junior Group Classical Dance Competition.

In the sporting arena too, we were not left far behind. Shreya of VII and Ruthvik of VIII won 1st prize in ‘Panchi’event. Malavika of VII B, Manyashree of IX B and Harshitha Mallesh of IX B won 2nd prize in ‘Singam’. Arnav of IX B won 2nd prize in chess and Hemachandan of VII A won 2nd prize in Snake and Ladder.

There were winners for Drawing and Painting Competition too. Laasya M S of I A won 3rd place and a cash award of 2000/-. Poorvi of II B won 1st Consolation prize and Chaithali Chandrajith of IV A won 2nd Consolation prize in the Drawing Competition.

Charity Work

Charity Work has been the legacy of JSS institution and in keeping with this tradition, charity work is undertaken every year towards Old Age Home, Stray Cattle House etc.

Motivational talk

The Open Day Expo and Carnival held on 28th December 2023, at the school was a resounding success. The event was inaugurated by Professor S.P. Manjunath, Secretary-1, JSS Mahavidyapeetha adding prestige to the occasion.

One of the highlights was the class-wise display of exhibits, showcasing a diverse range of subjects. Each class put forth creative and informative displays, demonstrating their understanding and enthusiasm for various academic disciplines. From science experiments to historical presentations and artistic creations, the exhibits were both educational and entertaining.

The inclusion of food stalls added a delightful dimension to the event. Students, teachers, and visitors had the opportunity to indulge in a variety of delicious treats, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. 20 percent of the amount collected in the food stalls will be donated to charity which fosters a sense of social responsibility among participants and teaches the importance of giving back.

The Expo and Carnival served as an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents, knowledge, and creativity. It encouraged a sense of camaraderie among students, and the active participation of teachers and parents contributed to its success.

Overall, the Open Day Expo and Carnival was a commendable initiative that fostered learning, creativity, and community engagement within the school. It offered a holistic experience by combining academic displays with entertainment, making it a memorable and enriching event for everyone involved.

Eco Warriors

“Eco Warriors” is the the eco club of our school meant for inculcating awareness on environmental issues among students.Interested students from 8th to 10th std are selected as eco club members. Mrs. M. P. Manjula is the incharge teacher. Various activities/ programmes were conducted throughout the year.World no Tobacco day, Water day, World environment day etc. were celebrated by Eco club. On environment day eco club members planted saplings around their surroundings and sent the photos of the same as online classes were going on. Eco friendly Ganesha idol making is another activity conducted by eco club to create awareness on pollution caused by using POP Ganesha idols on Ganesha Chathurthi. Eco club members made Ganesha idols by using turmeric, mud, atta  etc and the video of the same was forwarded to class groups to create awareness. A group discussion was held on the topics – Types of Pollution, Global Warming – Causes and Effects. Eco club members did collage work on the topics like Project Tiger, Bhopal Gas Tragedy etc. Based on the theme “Reuse of Plastic Bottles” students were encouraged to reuse plastic bottles as planters and other craft items.  Students decorated their class rooms by growing plants in plastic bottles. An awareness programme was conducted by eco club on wastage of food. As a part of this activity, Eco Club members celebrated week long programmes like “Litterless Lunch”, and “No Wastage Week”. During lunch break, eco club members went to each class room and spoke about importance of food. Eco Club members are involved in maintaining vermi compost bin and medicinal garden.  They are involved in watering the plants, repotting of plants, manuring etc. Scrapbooks were maintained by eco club members on the topic-Marine Organisms.

Rangotsava - 2022

This idea of ‘Kalamantapa’ was conceived by Sri Sri Rajendra Mahasamiji with a view to promote culture, traditions, music and act in the year 1948. Theatre act was given special preference to hone the latent of children at a young age as ‘Rangotsava’.

This year the responsibility of spreading this message was shouldered by the students of our school JSSPS, Siddharthanagar. 22 children of 8th and 9th standard participated in the play ‘Ogatina Rani’ written by Kotaganahalli Ramiah and directed by Smt. Shakuntala Hegde.

The aim was to create national fragrance among children to ignite thinking and imagination.

This play will be hosted in November in Mysore and in December in chamrajnagar, gudlupete and Bengaluru.

Inter-House Competitions

Inter-House Competitions are conducted from UKG to class 10 depending upon their ability and capacity. It helps students to showcase their talents and brings out the very best in each student. To name a few activities: Colouring, Drawing with a Theme, Kannada Calligraphy, Piggy bank Making, Photo frame Making, Bangle Decoration, Spell Bee, Mathematical Design,  Poster Making, Collage Making, Vegetable Printing, Mask Making, Travel Brochure, Stamp Making, Hand fan Making, Quill Art, Salad Dressing, Etc.

Athletic Meet

28th Annual Athletic meet of JSS Public School, Siddarthanagar, Mysuru

The 28th annual athletic meet was inaugurated on 18th of Nov 2022. Mr. Akash Aradhya, International Skater and an alumnus of the school was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mrs. B Latha, Principal welcomed the guest and the parents. The Principal in her speech encouraged the students to take part in the sporting events to the best of their ability as it helps in personality development. Sarvesh Kumar, School Captain lit the athletic flame and took an oath on behalf of all the students. The event started with an eye catching march past by the contingents of the 4 houses.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Akash Aradhya spoke at length about the importance of sports in school life. He emphasised that there is no substitute for hard work, dedication and perseverance. He opined that students should come out of their comfort zone and have to be self disciplined. Sky lanterns were released to mark the inauguration of the sports meet. Special events were organised for the Lower Kindergarten parents in which they participated enthusiastically. The event was compered by Mrs.Usha Shirahatti, English teacher and Mrs.A C Lucy, Social Science teacher.

The Individual championships were declared the following day.

Intermediates- Girls- Sanskriti-Class 5 and Saanvi- Class 6

Boys-Adarsh- Class 7

Seniors- Girls- Laasya Swamy–Class 10

Boys-Prahalad – Class 8

The Champion House was ‘Ajantha’.

Colour Day

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time”.

The Kindergarten section celebrated Blue Day on 13th July’2022. It was a pleasant and cool blue day for the tiny tots. Kiddies painted their moods in shades of blue. All the students of KG classes and teachers came dressed up in different shades and hues of blue. The classrooms were decorated with blue balloons. Blue, the colour of strength, wisdom and trust had a very positive impact on tiny tots bringing harmony and brotherhood. The significance of blue colour was reiterated through a series of activities. Students were made to recognise blue colour through different games and play way activities. It was an amazing learning experience which had a long lasting effect on each student. The day was indeed a visual treat to see the good effects of blue colour on our little ones.

Special Assembly

On 12th June 2023 a special assembly themed “G20 India” was conducted to educate and raise awareness about G20.

The assembly commenced with the school prayer, followed by a detailed explanation of the history and functioning of G20.

Mrs Pushpa Rai, Social Science teacher elaborated on G20 and its significance under India’s Presidency. She also explained about the logo and the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future”.

The school choir displayed a melodious rendition of the song, “We are the World” correlating to theme of G20.


Mom and I

In the view to have parents participate in the events of the school, a ‘Pookalam Competition’ was organised for X standard students on 29th October under the ‘Mom and I’ caption. The response to the competition was overwhelming and the creativity and enthusiasm of the participants was very encouraging. Flowers, leaves of the different hues beautified the floor and lamps added a touch of divinity to the surrounding.

Motivational talk

A workshop on ‘Happy Classroom’ was organised for the teachers of JSS Public Schools in Mysore, Mandya, and Chamarajanagar on 9th September 2023, at JSS Public School, Teachers Layout. The workshop aimed to create a more joyful and effective learning environment for both teachers and students. It was attended by 63 enthusiastic teachers from various JSS Public Schools.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sri. S P Manjunath, Secretary-1, JSSMVP for providing us an opportunity to organise the workshop for teachers. His support and encouragement were instrumental in making this event a reality.

The programme commenced with a soulful invocation by Mrs. Sudha Krishna, Music teacher, JSS Public School, JP Nagar. Mrs. B Latha, Principal of JSS Public School, Siddarthanagar warmly welcomed all the participants and set the tone for the event.

The workshop was officially inaugurated with the offering of flowers to Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji’s portrait and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolising the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

Mrs. Smitha Kurup, Principal of JSS Public School, JP Nagar, served as the Resource Person. She delivered an engaging presentation on innovative and practical strategies for fostering a positive classroom atmosphere. Her insightful talk covered various tools and techniques to enhance student engagement and motivation.

The ‘Happy Classroom Workshop’ featured a diverse range of activities, presentations and interactive sessions. Teachers actively participated in hands-on activities that covered topics such as effective teaching techniques. These sessions equipped teachers with actionable strategies that they could implement in their classrooms.

The ‘Happy Classroom Workshop’ received resounding praise and appreciation from the participants. It left teachers inspired and armed with practical tools to create happier and more effective classrooms. The event served as a testament to the dedication of teachers and their unwavering commitment to providing the best learning experiences for their students.

Mrs. Asha, Principal of JSSPS, Teachers Layout, extended a heartfelt thanks to all the participants and organisers who contributed to the success of the workshop.

In conclusion, the ‘Happy Classroom Workshop’ was a resounding success, fostering a sense of enthusiasm and empowerment among teachers. We eagerly anticipate future collaborative efforts and similar initiatives aimed at promoting positive change and innovation in education. Together, we can continue to create joyful and effective learning environments for our students.

Red Day

The Kindergarten section celebrated Red Day on 23rd June 2023. Kiddies painted their moods in shades of red. All the students of KG classes and teachers came dressed up in different shades and hues of red. The classrooms were decorated with red balloons.  The significance of red colour was reiterated through a series of activities. Students were made to recognise red colour through different games and play way activities. It was an amazing learning experience which had a long lasting effect on each student. The day was indeed a visual treat to see the good effects of red colour on our little ones.