Celebrating events and festivals in our school has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief. These celebrations bring the students closer to each other’s tradition and cultural beliefs and develop respect and understanding for each other’s customs and traditions. To list the events in the chronological order:

Kannada Rajyotsava – 1st November

Karnataka Rajyotsava, is a significant day in Karnataka. It commemorates the formation of the state of Karnataka on November 1, 1956. This day is celebrated with immense pride and enthusiasm throughout the state. The celebration at our school was no exception, and it brought people from all walks of life together to rejoice in the rich culture and heritage of Karnataka.

The celebration began with the rendition of the Karnataka state anthem, “Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate,” which is a symbol of the state’s cultural identity.

A warm and traditional welcome was extended by Rachana A P of X class.  An essential part of the celebration involved offering flowers to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, the presiding deity of Karnataka. This ritual is a symbol of reverence and gratitude for the land and its people.

The significance of Karnataka Rajyotsava was elaborated upon by Harshitha Mallesh of Class 10, highlighting the historical and cultural importance of the day. It was on this day that the state was formed by merging several Kannada-speaking regions, unifying the people of Karnataka.

The event featured mesmerizing dance and song performances that showcased the rich heritage of Karnataka. Various classical and folk dances like Yakshagana, Bharatanatyam, and Goravara Kunitha enthralled the audience. Additionally, soul-stirring songs in Kannada celebrated the state’s culture and traditions.

A heartfelt vote of thanks was delivered by Swara S J of X std. to acknowledge the efforts of all those who contributed to the success of the event. The whole show was compered by Keerthana M of X std. The event culminated with the National anthem.

Children’s Day – 14th November

The Children’s Day celebration commenced with an invocation, invoking blessings for a day filled with joy, learning, and camaraderie. The welcome extended by Mrs. Divya for a heart warming gathering dedicated to commemorating the spirit of childhood.

As a mark of reverence and respect to the visionary leader, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, flowers were reverentially laid at his portrait. This poignant gesture symbolized our gratitude for his tireless efforts in championing the rights and welfare of children, endearingly known as Chacha Nehru.

Mrs.Radhika spoke about significance of Children’s Day, highlighting its connection to Pandit Nehru’s birthday and emphasizing the imperative need to cherish, nurture, and empower every child. It underscored the role of children as the architects of the future, igniting aspirations and affirming their importance in society.

The youngest members of our school community, the Lower Kindergarten (LKG) students, graced the stage in a charming and vibrant fancy dress. Their adorable portrayals, fuelled by boundless imagination and creativity, delighted the audience and showcased their blossoming personalities.

The intellectual prowess and collaborative spirit of our students were on full display during the Inter-House Quiz Competition. This engaging event not only tested their knowledge across various domains but also fostered teamwork, healthy competition, and a thirst for learning.

School also organised lively fun games dedicated to our beloved students. The aim was not only to commemorate the significance of this day but also to create a fun-filled environment where children of all ages could revel in joyous activities.

The highlight of the day was a mesmerizing cultural extravaganza presented by our revered teachers. Their talent and dedication shone through captivating dances, soulful melodies, and a thought-provoking skit. The performances were a testament to their commitment to inspire, entertain, and impart invaluable life lessons.

The Children’s Day celebration culminated in a resounding success, resonating with laughter, learning, and an affirmation of the innocence and potential encapsulated in every child. It was a day to replete with admiration for Pandit Nehru’s legacy and a celebration of childhood, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of all who participated.

Gandhi Jayanthi – 2nd October

Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in the school in a simple but befitting manner. The event commenced with a soulful invocation by Mr. Vinay Bhargav, setting a spiritually uplifting tone for the Gandhi Jayanthi celebration. Mrs. Aamina Kousar, English Teacher, delivered a welcome address to all the attendees, acknowledging the significance of the occasion and encouraging active participation in the commemoration.

In a symbolic gesture, the Principal and Vice Principal offered flowers to Gandhiji’s portrait, paying homage to the great leader and his indelible contributions. Mrs. Manjula H L, English Teacher, delivered an enlightening talk on the historical and moral significance of Gandhi Jayanti, elucidating Gandhiji’s principles and their relevance in the contemporary world. She also reminded about Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, who was born on October 2, 1904. She highlighted that Lal Bahadur Shastriji’s birthday celebration was to commemorate his legacy and inspire individuals to embrace his principles of simplicity, honesty and unwavering commitment in serving the people of India.

Teachers participated in the bhajan singing session, delivering devotional songs that echoed the teachings of Gandhiji, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual reflection.

Aamina Kousar extended heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their involvement in the event, underscoring the importance of remembering Gandhiji and embodying his values in our lives.

The programme successfully conveyed the essence of Gandhian philosophy, encouraging everyone to embrace the values of truth, non-violence, and unity. The active involvement of all the staff members made the celebration a meaningful tribute to the Father of the Nation.

International Yoga Day – 21st June

Keeping up with the spirit of celebrating the 9th edition of ‘International Yoga Day’ which falls on the summer solstice of 21st June, our school children too performed yoga with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

150 students performed yoga at Mysore palace grounds and the rest of the students gathered in good number to perform nearly 21 asanas to perfection at the school grounds. The participation was very overwhelming. The programme started with the prayer. Mrs. N T Bhagyalakshmi dwelt on the benefits of yoga and the richness of Indian culture. She also opined that, the need to practice yoga is unquestionable and supremely important. The event concluded with Shanti Paat.

Republic Day – January 26th

Republic Day was celebrated in our school on 26th Jan 2023 in a simple and benefitting manner. The event started with unfurling the flag by the principal – Mrs. B. Latha. This was followed by the national Anthem. The school choir presented a patriotic song. Likitha M of 9th C spoke about the significance of the day in English. A yoga display kept everyone spellbound. It was a spectacular co-ordination of mind and body. Neha Rao of 9th A spoke on the significance of the day in Kannada. Our principal addressed the gathering and advised the children to be responsible citizens by focussing on their rights and duties. She insisted on them to be physically fit and be on a balanced diet. She reminded them to stay focussed and learn to balance ‘fun and play time’ judiciously. The show was compered by Smt. N G Shilpa, English teacher. Sweets were distributed to the students, staff and parents.

World ‘No Tobacco Day’- May 31st

World No Tobacco Day was celebrated in our school on 31st May 2023. The theme for this year’s No Tobacco Day is “We need food, not tobacco”. Mrs Sumathi Kiran, Science Teacher, spoke about the importance of health over tobacco. To create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco, a slogan writing competition was organised for 9th standard students

Independence Day – 15th August

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated in the school with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour. Sri. M Vijay, Scientist-C, Regional Museum of Natural History, Siddarthanagar was the Chief Guest. Smt. B Latha, Principal, welcomed the gathering and introduced the guest. His notable contributions to the field of natural history and education made his presence a privilege for the audience.

The Chief Guest unfurled the National flag followed by the National Anthem which filled the air with patriotism and pride. Sri.M Vijay in his speech stressed on the theme of this year-Nation first and always first. He also suggested the students to preserve the environment for a better future by reducing pollution. Likhitha of X standard spoke on the significance of the day in English and Purnima G of X standard spoke in Kannada. They highlighted the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and the historical importance of the day in shaping our nation’s destiny.

The senior students presented an eye catching March past, showcasing discipline and devotion. The school choir sung the patriotic songs which filled the atmosphere with a sense of pride and love for the nation. Students of VIII Std. presented a dazzling display of synchronised dumb bells performance, captivating the audience with their precision and coordination. Students of four houses participated in an invigorating field dance competition, each performance depicting a significant aspect of the freedom struggle. The colourful and dynamic presentations illustrated the various stages of India’s journey to independence, the heroic characters of our nation like Bhagat Singh and Jhansi Rani leaving a lasting impact on the spectators. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Vidhi P of X standard. The show was compered by Smt.N T Bhagyalakshmi, English teacher. Sweets were distributed to the students and the staff.

Swamiji Jayanti – 29th August

Swamiji’s Jayanthi & Teachers Day Celebration was a momentous occasion that took place on 5th Sept 2023. The Jayanthi of a truly remarkable saint, His Holiness Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji and the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned philosopher, scholar and statesman who made significant contributions to the fields of philosophy and education was organised with great reverence and devotion.

The celebration commenced with a soul-stirring invocation, invoking the blessings of the divine by Sri. Vinay B K, Music teacher.  Ms.Kanish M of 10th Std. welcomed the gathering.

Dr. M N Nandeesh Hanche, Ex-President, Kannada Pustaka Pradhikara, Bengaluru was the Guest speaker. He spoke at length about the life and works of Sri.Rajendra Mahaswamiji. He narrated many anecdotes of Swamiji which were truly inspiring. He advised the students to be dedicated and compassionate individuals who carry forward Swamiji’s legacy of love and service.

A mesmerizing devotional dance performance was one of the highlights of the celebration. The bhajans were rendered with great devotion. The Dance drama enacted by the students depicted Swamiji’s life and his messages of love, compassion and unity through their movements and expressions. The performance left the audience spellbound, evoking a sense of deep spirituality and devotion.

Smt. B Latha, Principal delivered an insightful speech, highlighting the significance of Swamiji’s teachings in the academic and moral development of students. She emphasised that Swamiji’s life can be a guiding light in the path of the students.

Ms. Rachana A P of 10th Std. proposed the vote of thanks to draw curtains to the eventful day. Ms. Hansisni N of 10th Std. compered the programme.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the celebration of Teachers day. The students of VIII, IX and X took centre stage and paid their tribute to the teachers in their own special way. The show put up by the children was lovely and very entertaining. The children had also organised fun games for the teachers.

In conclusion, The Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration was a spiritually enriching and enlightening event that served as a tribute to the life and works of this great saint.

World ‘Environment Day’- 6th June

World Environment Day was celebrated on 5TH June 2023 with true spirit. Our school organised a special event to raise awareness about environmental conservation. The programme began with an invocation by the school choir. Ms. Avani Shashikumar, the school captain spoke on the significance of the day. She highlighted the theme for this year’s celebration- “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”. She opined that we need to strive hard to reduce carbon footprints by implementing energy saving measures, promoting recycling and exploring renewable resources.

Mrs. B Latha, Principal and Mr. Nagendra S L, Vice Principal watered the plants and inaugurated the programme.

Principal highlighted the importance of preserving nature in her message. She emphasised that students play a crucial role in conserving the environment and shared practical ways in which they can contribute. She elaborated on reducing waste by practicing recycling and proper disposal methods, promoting the use of renewable energy sources and participating in tree-planting initiatives. She also encouraged students to conserve water by using it wisely and to minimize their carbon footprint by opting for eco-friendly transportation methods like cycling.

The programme was compered by Swara S J of 10th std. A cleanliness drive was also organised on this occasion. Students of 9th and 10th standard took part in the rally enthusiastically and cleaned the neighbouring streets to create awareness among the general public.

Annual Day

The annual day celebrations of JSS Public School, Siddarthanagar were a magnificent tapestry of talent, culture, and achievements, symbolizing the school’s ethos of excellence and inclusivity. The event, themed “G-20: Bridging Cultures, Building Tomorrow,” showcased the diverse cultural heritage of nations around the world.                                                                                          The evening commenced with a soul-stirring invocation by the School Choir, setting the tone for the vibrant evening. Ms. G. Poornima of X std. extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guests, parents, faculty, and students, encapsulating the essence of the event. School Report by Mrs. B. Latha, the Principal, highlighted the academic milestones and progress of the institution. Co-Scholastic Activity Report was presented by Ms. A. P. Rachana, X std., shedding light on the diverse extracurricular engagements.  Ms. K. G. Deepika from X std. shared the exhilarating journey of the school in various sporting arenas, celebrating victories and sportsmanship. The prestigious moments of recognition were conferred upon achievers by distinguished guests, honouring their exceptional accomplishments.                                                                                                                                   Sri H. K. Pandu, Deputy Director, Dept. Of School Education, Mysore opined that parents are the primary architects of a child’s moral and ethical foundation. They have a profound influence on instilling values, ethics, and principles that shape the child’s behaviour and perspective.

Prof. S. P. Manjunath, Secretay -1, JSS Mahavidyapeetha graced the occasion with his insightful address, underlining the significance of holistic education.  He emphasised that “Seeing is Believing” to underscore the importance of parental involvement through tangible actions rather than just verbal assurances.
Ms. Avani Shashikumar, Ms. S. J. Svara, M. Likhitha and Master V. Yashwanth of X std. compered the whole show. Ms. Aadya R. Prasad of X std. extended heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making the event a success.

The cultural panorama was a breathtaking journey across nations, each performance reflecting the essence of its culture. From a soul-stirring Classical Dance honouring Lord Shiva to the lively portrayals of national integration, divine melodies of Lord Krishna, and a showcase of folk dances representing India’s cultural diversity. Grades II to IX showcased the vivaciousness and uniqueness of various countries, depicting Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Italy, India, Spain, and China. The grand finale, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” by Grade X, symbolized global unity and harmony, emphasizing ‘the world is one family.’             The annual day celebrations at JSS Public School, Siddarthanagar was a testament to the collective effort, talent, and commitment of the entire school community towards creating an evening that will be cherished for its cultural richness and academic achievements.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture ceremony was held on 16th June 2023 with great enthusiasm. The programme started with an invocation and lighting of the lamp. Mrs. B Latha, Principal welcomed the Chief Guest Sri P Shivaraju, KAS Additional Commissioner, (Administration and Development) Office of the Regional Commissioner, Mysore Division, Mysore.

The Chief Guest handed over the capes and flags to the newly elected prefects. Mr. S L Nagendra, Vice Principal administered the oath to the newly elected prefects. The Chief Guest congratulated the prefects and opined that school is the best place where the children can get world knowledge. He advised the students to work hard in order to fulfil the dreams of their parents. He urged the children to focus on studies, keep their body and mind fit and healthy to enjoy their future. He also appreciated the teachers for their dedication.

Ms. Avani Shashikumar, the School Captain proposed the vote of thanks. The whole programme was compered by Mrs P Shobha, the CCA Co-ordinator. The event concluded with the National anthem.



Krishna Janmashtami, a significant Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, was joyously observed at our school. The event fostered cultural awareness and spiritual understanding among the students, facultynand staff.

The school was adorned with vibrant decorations, including rangoli designs, flower garlands and beautiful artworks depicting the life of Lord Krishna. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Our Kindergarten children were dressed up in cute Krishna and Radha outfits, complete with accessories like peacock feathers, flutes, and jewellery, replicating the divine appearance of Lord Krishna and Radha.

The Krishna Janmashtami celebration at the school was a tremendous success, fostering cultural enrichment and spiritual growth. The event provided an opportunity for students to learn about Hindu traditions and values, promoting harmony and understanding among the school community.


Ganesh Chaturthi, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated to honour the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity of wisdom and prosperity. Our school believes in promoting cultural diversity and understanding, and thus, our kindergarten section celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm and joy.

The primary aim of celebrating the Ganesha Festival at our school was to educate our students about the cultural and religious significance of the festival, instil values of unity, creativity, and environmental consciousness, and provide a memorable and enriching experience.

Classrooms and common areas were adorned with vibrant decorations, including flowers, rangoli, and traditional motifs, to create a festive and joyous ambiance throughout the school. Children of KG section wore ethnic attire and enjoyed the celebrations.

The Ganesha Festival celebration emphasized unity, creativity, and environmental responsibility while fostering a sense of togetherness among students, parents, and the community. The festivities left a lasting impression on all, creating beautiful memories and reinforcing the values associated with this auspicious festival.


Deepawali celebrations at school by kindergarten children were a delight! The vibrant colours, joyous giggles and creative activities made it an event to remember.

The day started with children arriving in traditional Indian attire, beaming with excitement. As for colourful attire, encouraging children to dress in traditional Indian clothing like colourful kurtas for boys and vibrant lehenga-cholis or salwar suits for girls added to the festive spirit. Teachers also joined in by wearing traditional attire too, creating a visually stunning and culturally immersive atmosphere.

The classrooms were adorned with colourful pictures and paper diyas depicting the essence of Deepawali. Colouring the given pictures with Deepawali themes—like diyas, rangolis, or scenes was a wonderful way for kids to express their creativity while learning about the festival. These activities not only added fun to the celebrations but also help in teaching children about the cultural significance and traditions associated with Deepawali in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Overall, Deepawali celebrations at kindergarten were a beautiful amalgamation of learning, creativity, and joy, leaving everyone with cherished memories of the festival of lights.