Eco Warriors

“Eco Warriors” is the the eco club of our school meant for inculcating awareness on environmental issues among students.Interested students from 8th to 10th std are selected as eco club members. Mrs. M. P. Manjula is the incharge teacher. Various activities/ programmes were conducted throughout the year.World no Tobacco day, Water day, World environment day etc. were celebrated by Eco club. On environment day eco club members planted saplings around their surroundings and sent the photos of the same as online classes were going on. Eco friendly Ganesha idol making is another activity conducted by eco club to create awareness on pollution caused by using POP Ganesha idols on Ganesha Chathurthi. Eco club members made Ganesha idols by using turmeric, mud, atta  etc and the video of the same was forwarded to class groups to create awareness. A group discussion was held on the topics – Types of Pollution, Global Warming – Causes and Effects. Eco club members did collage work on the topics like Project Tiger, Bhopal Gas Tragedy etc. Based on the theme “Reuse of Plastic Bottles” students were encouraged to reuse plastic bottles as planters and other craft items.  Students decorated their class rooms by growing plants in plastic bottles. An awareness programme was conducted by eco club on wastage of food. As a part of this activity, Eco Club members celebrated week long programmes like “Litterless Lunch”, and “No Wastage Week”. During lunch break, eco club members went to each class room and spoke about importance of food. Eco Club members are involved in maintaining vermi compost bin and medicinal garden.  They are involved in watering the plants, repotting of plants, manuring etc. Scrapbooks were maintained by eco club members on the topic-Marine Organisms.